Why do crystals contain energy?

Taking the aura of heaven and earth and gathering the essence of the sun and the moon, nature is a magical existence, bringing us a lot of things beyond our imagination, such as crystals, which are all born and raised here.

Probably because the crystal contains energy!

In fact, as to whether the crystal actually has energy, if you believe it, he has it, if you don't believe it, he doesn't exist.

Everything in the world, every existence has its own magnetic field energy. People, animals, plants, water, etc. all exist. This so-called energy can be called magnetic field.

And the crystal, too. The scientific community defines a crystal as having a magnetic field because the crystal has piezoelectricity, that is, when the crystal is subjected to directional tension or pressure, the two sides of the crystal that are perpendicular to the stress have the same amount of opposite charges respectively. If the direction of stress is reversed, the charges on both sides of the surface change sign.

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Crystal resonance generates electrostatic current. When it comes into contact with the human body, these existences will be transmitted to all parts of the body through the body's meridians, resulting in different vibration frequencies.

For people with insufficient magnetic field or lack of blood gas, this resonance effect is very weak, but for those with strong gas field or good health, the effect will be more obvious.

Like tourmaline tourmaline, the body's thermal energy reacts with the crystal to generate electrical currents that can cause hair to float, similar to static electricity.

Of course, it may also be because the crystal merchants put a mysterious veil on the crystal for better sales, which can be said to be the added value of crystal products.

However, if the crystal is placed on the production of precision instruments, it can be seen that the frequency of the magnetic field of the crystal has a certain say, especially in the navigation, timing, etc., where the crystal is involved, and the filters and oscillators that generate vibration frequencies There are also crystals on it.

However, whether the existence of crystals can change the magnetic field of people's luck remains to be studied.

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