Which crystal is suitable for Scorpio

Lucky Crystals for Scorpio: Topaz, Red Hair Crystal, Titanium Crystal, Aquamarine, Onyx, Black Onyx
Topaz: Scorpio is sentimental and needs Topaz to improve his mood.
Red hair crystal: It is effective for diseases related to reproductive organs, and dark red is also the lucky color of scorpions.
Titanium crystal: Titanium crystal is also the most powerful energy in the hair crystal group, often symbolizing great auspiciousness, wealth, and blessings like gods and Buddhas. Generally, titanium crystals have six main energies, mainly wealth, partial wealth, popularity, warding off evil, health, and preventing villains.
Aquamarine: It can improve the diseases of suction organs.

Carnelian comes out on top
Carnelian: the noble in agate, the color of carnelian itself, which is commensurate with the ruby ​​sisters, represents the supreme nobility, and is also one of the representative colors of Scorpio, symbolizing the splendor of their wealth and status. The magnetic field of natural carnelian can bring good luck to Scorpio in wealth, make Scorpio's self-charm fully exerted, get the affirmation and love of multi-party cooperation, and at the same time relieve the tension and pressure of Scorpio caused by work, perhaps Good luck at work can also complete the arrival of Scorpio love!
Onyx: Scorpio rules the reproductive organs, so the sex drive is strong, bringing the load on the body. Onyx can improve endocrine, strengthen blood circulation, make complexion better, eliminate sexual obstacles, avoid impotence and infertility, so it has an extraordinary effect on maintaining the harmony of Scorpio's body and mind.
Black Onyx: Scorpio is very mysterious, Pluto's ruler brings a lot of dark qualities to Scorpio, and they are very jealous jars of vinegar. Agate is one of the Seven Treasures of Buddhism. It has been used as a ward off evil and amulets since ancient times. It symbolizes friendly love and hope. Black agate is very helpful to eliminate the negative energy of Scorpio, and they will never back down if they use their goals to confirm. positive energy.
Scorpio's view of love: Scorpio with a tough personality is honest, will never do anything that is sorry for his lover, and choose his favorite object based on his intuition.