What kind of crystals are suitable for Gemini

★Gemini GEMINI (May 21 - June 21)
Lucky Gems: Citrine.Pearl
Love concept: The eloquent and quick-witted Gemini can easily attract the attention of the opposite sex during conversations.
Peach blossom stone: Yellow real stones such as topaz, yellow agate, citrine, etc. can enhance personal self-confidence and self-energy, and love luck will be wonderful!
Constellation guardian stones: aquamarine, fluorite, citrine, topaz

·Basic transporter: black onyx
·Love Luck: Pink Crystal
·Fortune aid: Citrine
· Health Booster: Topaz
· Interpersonal transport: agate
·Career Luck: Agate
·Family sports aids: pink crystal
·Learning Sports Item: Amethyst
Agate: Gemini with obvious dual personality, need agate to relieve stress and tension, and relax.
Malachite: All of them are helpful for neurotic or central nervous system related diseases.
Aquamarine: Helps improve respiratory diseases.
Citrine: It belongs to the rational body, enhances personal self-confidence, gathers wealth, focuses on wealth, often brings unexpected wealth, and belongs to the crystal of wealth. Helps to calm down the mood and teach people the practical practice of step by step. Strengthen the liver, stomach and digestive organs, especially for cold stomach.