What kind of crystal is suitable for Leo

★Leo LEO (July 23-August 22)
Lucky gem: hair crystal. Peridot
Love concept: Leo's characteristics are strong self-esteem, honesty, and very active towards the opposite sex, so there are many romances.​​
Peach Blossom Stone: Light green real stones such as peridot and fluorite can greatly enhance love luck.​​
Constellation guardian stones: tourmaline, garnet, citrine, ruby, moonstone; various aids: garnet

·Basic transporter: rose quartz
·Love Luck: Fluorite
·Fortune aid: Citrine
·Health Booster: Citrine
·Interpersonal aid: Amethyst
·Career Luck: Red and Green Treasures
·Family sports aids: lapis lazuli
·Learning Sports Item: Fluorite
Opal: Enables the lion's talents to be used effectively and the results are constructive.​​
Obsidian: Lions are prone to high blood pressure, and obsidian is used to lower blood pressure.​​
Fajing: It has powerful energy, can strengthen the momentum, bring people a positive ambition, drive, courage, strengthen a person's confidence and decisiveness, can bring people courage, can help people project authoritative energy, help people The implementation and execution of leaders' orders.​​
Peridot: Helps to relieve tension, make people feel refreshed and more harmonious with the outside world.​​
Topaz: Because lions are prone to fattening, topaz has a certain function in eliminating fat.

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