What kind of crystal is suitable for Cancer

★CANCER (June 22-July 22)
Lucky Gems: White Crystal. Onyx
Love concept: Cancers have a mild personality and strong protectiveness. They are unrestrained in love and can completely tolerate each other without hesitation.​​
Peach Blossom Stone: Among the real stones, light red rose stones and opals can best strengthen the fate.​​
Constellation guardian stones: agate, green meteorite, moonstone;

Various aids:
·Basic transporter: lapis lazuli
·Love Luck: Rose Quartz
·Fortune aid: agate
·Health Booster: Blonde Crystal
· Interpersonal transportation aids: rhodolite
·Career Luck: Red and Green Treasures
·Family sports item: Amethyst
·Learning Sports Item: Fluorite
Amethyst: Insecure and emotional crabs need the powerful power of amethyst to stabilize their emotions.​​
Citrine: Stomach and liver diseases are common problems of Cancer, and Citrine can effectively improve this problem.​​
Pink crystal: Cancer with weak social skills, pink crystal can effectively enhance the popularity of crabs.​​
White crystal: It has the function of focusing, concentrating, and expanding memory. It can control the house, ward off evil spirits, block brakes, purify the whole body, remove sickness, and promote good luck.​​
Onyx: It is one of the most curative gemstones (such as digestive system, stomach pain), can balance positive and negative energy, eliminate mental tension and stress. Maintain harmony of body and mind, enhance love, loyalty, and courage, promote abundance, happiness and longevity, and have the effect of maintaining peace.​​
Opal: Due to the rich imagination of Cancer, opal can make these imaginations work, so that the imagination of crabs is not only imagination

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