What kind of crystal is suitable for Aries

★Aries (Aries) ARIES (March 21 - April 10)
Lucky Gems: Red-haired Crystal. Amethyst
Love concept: Aries women who are naturally passionate and energetic, tend to go all out for love.​​
Peach Blossom Stone: If you want to enhance your sensitivity to love and see through the heart window of your favorite object, you should match white real stones such as white crystal, garnet, amethyst, amber and aquamarine.​​
Constellation guardian stones: tourmaline, amethyst, garnet;

·Basic transporter: agate
·Love Luck: Fire Agate
·Fortune aid: Citrine
·Health Booster: Amethyst
·Interpersonal aid: Amethyst
·Career transportation aid: lapis lazuli
·Family Luck: Rose Quartz
·Learning sports aids: Fluorite
Red crystal: In addition to red being the lucky color of sheep, red crystal can also improve internal organs.​​
Citrine: For Aries who are aggressive, irritable and irritable, it is indispensable to use Citrine to calm down their emotions.​​
Ametrine: A symbol of wisdom and wealth, in other words, it has the dual functions of amethyst and citrine; it can also strengthen the sixth sense. It has the effect of dissolving the villain. With the function of blending two extreme energies, it is most suitable for partnership, executive subordinates, couples, and communication gems between husband and wife.​​
Turquoise: In addition to soothing emotions, it is also helpful for headaches and eye diseases.

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