What kind of crystal is suitable for Aquarius

★AQUARIUS (January 20-February 19) ★
Lucky gemstone: tourmaline. lapis lazuli
Lapis Lazuli
View on love: The thinking is extremely progressive, with foresight, ignoring the general worldly vision, and the same is true for love.​​
Peach Blossom Stone: Amethyst, Opal and
Lapis Lazuli will make the emotional wishes of Aquarius come true.​​
Constellation guardian stones: rhodolite, ruby, pink crystal;

·Basic transporter: Blonde crystal
·Love Luck: Amethyst
·Fortune aid: golden crystal
·Health Booster: Black Onyx
·Interpersonal aid: pink crystal
·Career Luck: Fluorite
· Home Luck: Rose Quartz
·Learning sports aids: red and green treasures
Opal: The constellation of genius, it is necessary to match the crystal of genius. Opal can make the creativity of the water bottle go to the extreme.​​
Green Ghost: A water bottle that is prone to problems with the circulatory system of the heart, requires the Green Ghost to strengthen the heart.​​
Tourmaline: Also known as the wish stone, it has a great ability to implement, can help wishes to be fulfilled, and can also improve interpersonal relationships. The red and green tourmaline also gathers wealth to help the development of the business. Helps blood circulation and joint problems is a healthy spar. It can absorb and eliminate negative energy, enhance human vitality, physical strength, and overall vitality. It is the representative gem of health and longevity.​​
Obsidian: Since the water bottle attaches importance to the improvement of the spiritual level, amethyst and obsidian can help the water bottle do this.

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