What is the efficacy and function of aventurine jade? crystal healing energy

1. Physiological effect

1. Aventurine jade is colorful, among which green is the most precious. Green is a symbol of life and vitality, and it is the main heart chakra. Therefore, it has a certain curative effect on the psychological diseases of the human body, and can also ensure the health of the heart and the diseases of the cardiopulmonary system. Also has a powerful soothing effect.

2. The colorful colors are because aventurine jade contains different trace elements. Often worn, it can supplement the scarce trace elements and minerals in the human body, which can enhance human immunity, strengthen the body, and beautify the face.

3. In today's society, the pressure of students to go to school is increasing, the rate of myopia in the country will be higher and higher, and the myopic population will also tend to be younger. Wearing aventurine for a long time can relieve eye fatigue and also have a good preventive effect on myopia.

4. Long-term wearing of aventurine jade can not only protect the heart and lung system, but also effectively relieve hypertension, hyperlipidemia, skin diseases, headache, dizziness and other diseases.

2. Psychological effect

1. Aventurine jade is precious in green, green represents vigorous vitality and thriving vitality, so long-term wearing of aventurine jade jewelry can keep people happy and vigorous.

2. In today's society, the pace of life is getting faster and faster. Although the living standard has improved, the pressure of life and work is increasing. Wearing aventurine jade jewelry can effectively relieve various pressures in people's life and work, make people broad-minded, keep a clear head when encountering various things, and be more courageous to deal with all kinds of encounters. matter.

3. The powerful effect of aventurine jade can comfort and heal people's injured hearts, and can make people recover from the blows and traumas they have suffered more quickly, and summon the courage to face tomorrow's life more quickly.

3. Spirituality

Dongling jade is also a kind of crystal, so it has innate spiritual energy, it can purify and purify the surrounding evil spirits, drive away the unclean things, and achieve the effect of warding off evil spirits. Wearing aventurine for a long time can reverse people's bad luck and bring good luck and wealth to people.