What crystals are suitable for Virgo

★VIRGO VIRGO (August 23-September 22)
Lucky gemstone: green hair crystal. blue agate
Love concept: Virgo girl with a rational mind, humorous conversation often makes the other half intoxicated.​​
Peach blossom stone: Yellow real stones such as sapphire and amber can increase wisdom and make your love luck soar.​​
Constellation guardian stone: citrine, aquamarine, red and green treasures Various aids: amethyst

·Basic transporter: pink crystal
·Love Luck: Red and Green Treasure
·Fortune aid: Citrine
·Health Booster: Citrine
·Interpersonal aid: Amethyst
·Career transportation aid: tiger eye stone
·Family sports aids: lapis lazuli
·Learning Sports Aids: Amethyst
Australian Jade: Virgo people are more introverted and timid, Australian Jade gives courage, makes people lively and generous.​​
White hair crystal: Virgos are prone to nervousness, these can effectively help ease the mood.​​
Blue Agate: It can exert the power of a king, make it easy to reach an agreement on events, achieve fame and fortune, and have the effect of warding off evil and attracting wealth and gathering wealth.​​
Green hair crystal: the main wealth, increase career luck, improve fortune.​​
Amethyst: Because Virgo people have weak intuition and weak creativity, amethyst can improve people's creativity and intuition.​​
This is different from opal, which helps the imaginative and creative people to exert its effect effectively, while amethyst helps the weak creative people.

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