What crystals are suitable for Capricornus

★Capricornus (Capricornus) CAPRICORN (December 23-January 19)
Lucky Gem: Citrine. Black Onyx
Love concept: Honest and serious Capricorns are not good at expressing love with actions or words, and their conservative personality makes you hesitate to show your favorite object, so it is easy to be preempted by opponents.​​
Peach Blossom Stone: Deep red real stones such as onyx and garnet can enhance self-confidence and expressiveness, making you handy when facing the opposite sex.​​

Constellation Guardian Stones: Garnet, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Tourmaline. Various aids:
Citrine Sunglasses
Basic transporter: Amethyst
Love Luck: Pink Crystal
Fortune Luck: Citrine
Health Booster: Tiger Eye Stone
Interpersonal transport aid: pink crystal
Career Booster: Red and Green Treasures
Family sports aids: rhodolite
Learning Sports Item: Amethyst
Garnet: Capricorn, who is a bit rigid, needs the vitality and new taste brought by garnet.​​
Australian Jade: Capricorns are introverted and a little worried, Australian Jade can make people feel happy and happy.​​
Citrine: Promote the development of regeneration ability, make wounds heal faster, enhance immunity, activate cells, restore youth, and have the effect of rejuvenating youth. It can help business analysis and mastery, and help improve taste. In particular, it absorbs turbid gas and has the best effect of warding off evil spirits.​​
Black Onyx: A gem that inspires courage, brings confidence and makes people brave; it can be done consistently, and a person can stick to principles; it can also strengthen the vitality of the body, suitable for those who are infirm or who have just recovered.​​
Pink crystal: Capricorn's pioneering, tactful, optimistic and social are weak, and pink crystal just can make up for these deficiencies.

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