What crystal to wear to increase wealth

Crystal should not be unfamiliar to many people, no matter what age and gender will be worn. Crystals are also displayed in front of everyone in many different forms. From necklaces to bracelets, keychains to ornaments, people's love for crystal can be seen. Because different crystals have different effects, people will choose the corresponding crystal to wear according to their own needs. So today we will talk about what crystals everyone wants to know can attract wealth.

1. What crystal attracts wealth - citrine
Citrine has a hardness of seven. Citrine is called crystal topaz in the gemstone world, and its color ranges from light yellow, true yellow, orange yellow, olive yellow to golden yellow. Because natural citrine is extremely rare, the price is relatively expensive. The yellow light emitted by citrine symbolizes wealth and is known as the stone of wealth. The mild yellow light can strengthen the aura and make the wearer full of confidence and joy. At the same time, the yellow light will also affect material life and wealth. This is why it seems that the most prominent effect of citrine is to attract wealth.

2. What Crystal Lucky Fortune - Green Ghost
Green ghost is a kind of crystal. Because it contains chlorite minerals, in the white crystal, visions such as cornucopia, water plants, whirlpools, pyramids, gypsophila, and Melaleuca appear, which are called vision crystals. , the overlapping layers of Melaleuca phantoms are called phantom crystals. Green is a symbol of wealth, and green ghosts are considered to be the best choice for lucky crystals. Lucky fortune mentioned here is different from citrine. Citrine usually attracts partial wealth, while the green ghost attracts positive wealth. It is mainly aimed at people's positive wealth and career luck. Often wearing a green ghost can enhance career and wealth luck.

3. What crystal attracts fortune - blond crystal
Blonde crystal refers to crystals containing different kinds of ore needle-like inclusions. The ones containing rutile are mostly golden, red or silver-white blond crystals, and the golden ones are called titanium gold blond crystals or blond crystals. Blonde crystal is extremely rare and precious in crystals, which means good luck, all things are peaceful, and a symbol of taste and status. The golden hair crystal has the function of attracting wealth and gathering energy, warding off evil spirits and turning evil spirits. Whether it is positive or partial wealth, it can attract. The energy is powerful, usually a bit stronger than unhaired crystals.

4. What crystal attracts wealth - golden obsidian
You may not be familiar with gold obsidian, but obsidian should know it. Gold obsidian, also known as golden sand obsidian, is a type of obsidian that contains a bright golden substance. It is a type of obsidian, but not the same as obsidian. Their eyes are completely different. The eyes of obsidian are made of sand-like gold dots one by one. There are round eyes and cat eyes that resemble a line. Then there is another feature of obsidian, which is to attract wealth. Obsidian itself is extremely evil, and can strongly dissolve negative energy. Now with the golden eyes, the effect of attracting wealth is added, and the two are combined to complement each other.

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