Tiger Eye Benefits and Effects, Crystal Healing and Crystal Energy

Tiger eye stone, also known as tiger eye stone, opal stone, wood alexandrite. It is a gem with a cat's eye effect. The common ones in the market are yellow tiger eye stone, blue tiger eye stone, blue tiger eye stone, also known as "eagle eye stone". Red tiger eye stone and green tiger eye stone are mostly dyed, while yellow and blue tiger eye stone are natural colors. What is the effect and function of tiger eye stone?

The efficacy and function of yellow Tigers eye stone

1. Inspire courage

Yellow tiger eye stone can exert the power of a king, can inspire courage, bring confidence and make people brave; it can be consistent in doing things, and a person can stick to principles; it has the effect of warding off evil and attracting wealth and gathering wealth. Tiger Eye Stone helps to improve decision-making and creativity. Inspiring and moving forward.

2. Bring joy

Yellow tiger eye stone can make people feel happy and advocating freedom, and can open up people's mind and vision. Tiger eye stone can also emit affinity magnetic field, which can melt the gap between people. Tiger eye stone can inspire courage, give people confidence, make people open-minded, and expand their career patterns.

3. Relieve stress

Yellow tiger eye stone can bring a warm feeling to the body, can calm the nervous system, prevent depression and stress; and can encourage creative pursuit, calm and balance. Tiger-eye-like vitality energy can improve concentration and concentration, maintain a clear mind, make people think flexible, resolve pressure to achieve goals, and make it easier for people to make breakthroughs in their careers.