The Seven Chakras and Crystal Healing

1. The seven chakras correspond to related energies

The root chakra: security, fertility.

Navel Chakra: Money, Realization.

Sun wheel: deep emotions, plans.

Heart chakra: joy, anger, sorrow and joy.

Throat chakra: communication, expression.

Eyebrows: thinking patterns, creativity.

Crown Chakra: spiritual practice, high frequency link.

seven chakras
The color of the chakras:

Bottom wheel: red, black

Navel Chakra: Yellow

sun gear: green

Heart chakra: pink, red

Throat chakra: blue

Eyebrows: purple

Crown chakra: purple, white

Different chakras have different colors, so use the corresponding crystal to heal.

Crystal energy healing and related knowledge
Let's now see how to combine healing with crystals. I will now briefly talk about

1. The energy effect of crystals of different colors:

White crystal: protection, purification, evil spirits, magnification

Amethyst: Anti-fatigue, enhance creativity and thinking skills

Sapphire crystal: Enhance communication and expression ability (such as blue crystal, there are amazonite, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, angel stone...)

Pink crystal: soothe emotions, depression

Green crystal: enhance self-confidence, courage

Citrine: Mobility, Wealth

Red Crystal: Enhance physical strength and blood energy

Black Crystal: Clear, release, ward off evil

This is divided by color!

For example, blue crystal, there are amazonite, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, angel stone... But when you use it, you should use the crystal according to the condition of the healer.

It does not mean that the throat chakra must be used with aquamarine, it should be selected according to the problems and needs of healing.

Because, even if it is the same color crystal, its function is very different. It seems that some people have the energy of the throat chakra blocked, and some people have excessive energy of the throat chakra, so they will definitely not use the same crystal.

I usually use a lot of rough crystals for healing cases, but I usually also use crystals.