The efficacy and role of various color crystals, crystal energy healing

Amethyst is a very common thing, and pure natural amethyst has a very good health care effect on the human body. There are many types of crystals, and different types of amethyst have different effects. Amethyst is generally distinguished by its hue, so when you choose amethyst, you can choose amethyst that is suitable for you according to your own twelve constellations and their fortunes. efficacy and role.

The efficacy and function of various crystals

White Crystal: Intelligent development and design, stable mentality, improve judgment, assist in thinking, concentrate thinking, improve memory, improve interpersonal communication, and give people courage and energy. It means noble and loyal feelings, and is often used as a lover's letter of faith.

Citrine: It is a smart body, improves the confidence of the group company, attracts wealth, focuses on wealth, and often brings unexpected wealth. It is a manufacturing amethyst. Conducive to emotional ease, teach people step-by-step practical activities. Strengthen the liver, stomach and digestive system, especially for cold stomach.

White crystal: It has the effect of focusing, converging, and expanding memories. It is the interpreter of all kinetic energy, and it is called the king of crystals. It can ward off evil spirits, exorcise evil spirits, block evil spirits in the house, pollute the whole body, remove evil spirits, and promote good luck.

Pink crystal: It can develop and design the spar with the heart chakra to promote more developed feelings, and can assist in the pursuit of perfect feelings, master feelings, and enjoy feelings. It is the best artifact in the service industry to help improve interpersonal communication, improve popularity and character, and recruit love, open and close the door to do business.

Red Ghost: Also known as the "Ghost God of Fortune", it has the ability to work to attract wealth, so it becomes a small pet for businessmen, which is conducive to improving logical thinking, opening up the heart to the outside world, and has the energy of prosperous wealth and high-to-width ratio to gather wealth. Partial wealth means wealth accumulated through hard work. Strengthen the heart function, stabilize the state of mind (anxiety, insomnia, anger, fantasy). It has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on the heart, lungs, human immune system, pancreas, lymph glands, heart disease, high blood pressure, and dyspnea.

Citrine: Promote the development of reconstruction work ability, make wound repair faster, improve immunity, activate body cells, restore youth and youth, and have the effect of inverse growth. It is helpful for business management to analyze and grasp the work ability, and to improve the taste. Especially digesting and absorbing stagnant qi, the actual effect of warding off evil spirits is the best. Strengthening the root chakra has a significant effect on men's male sexual function; for women, it can also adjust qi and blood, which has a strengthening effect on women's gynecology.

Jin Yaoshi: The kinetic energy is strong and upright, which can ward off evil spirits, control the house and ward off evil spirits, and can remove evil spirits, stagnation, and mildew, and bring people physical and mental health, happiness, and a normal life path.

Garnet: It can make people irresistible, attract happiness and true love forever, enhance confidence, resist depression, improve vitality, charm and physical strength, and benefit the physical and mental health of the urinary system and related human organs; promote the ability to rebuild work and The blood circulatory system has the effect of nourishing beauty, skin care, and anti-growth.

Moonstone: Also known as the "Lovers' Stone", it can change people's diet and achieve weight loss. It can help people fall asleep peacefully, improve skin quality, and has beauty and skin care effects. It is a kind of emotional stone, which is conducive to attracting friends of the opposite sex, improving lovers' grasp of each other, and making emotions more harmonious, happy and happy.

Tourmaline: Also known as wish stone and tourmaline, it has a huge overall strength to assist in the realization of wishes and improve interpersonal communication. Red and green tourmaline also attracts wealth and helps the development trend of work. Conducive to the circulatory system joint problems is a gem of physical and mental health.

Aquamarine: It can improve the problem of respiratory tract, improve the ability of language expression, infection, planning and work, and can also maintain the safety of travelers. Containing the four elements of earth, water, fire and wind, it has powerful healing, cleansing and spiritual energy. It is the most effective amethyst.

Agate stone: It is one of the most effective spar (such as: digestive tract, stomach pain), maintains harmony between the human body and the heart, improves love, loyalty, and courage, can promote wealth, happiness and longevity, and has the effect of eliminating disasters. It can give full play to the energy of a tyrant, making it very easy to reach a consensus on malignant events, fame and fortune, and it has the effect of warding off evil and prospering wealth and attracting wealth. A spar that can inspire courage, generate self-confidence and make people heroic; can do things consistently, and abide by standards in dealing with people and things.

Ametrine: Represents intelligence and wealth, that is to say, it has the bidirectional effect of white crystal and citrine; it can also enhance the sixth sense. It has the effect of solving treacherous villains. It has the function of reconciling two extreme kinetic energies, and is most suitable for cooperative management work, family education, communication between leaders and subordinates, lovers, and couples.

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