The efficacy and role of malachite, what are the benefits of wearing malachite?

Malachite is a delicate and beautiful gemstone. Although it does not have the brilliance of gemstones, its strong and positive color and pattern have a unique charm and elegance. The formation of malachite is mainly due to the oxidation of copper minerals in the rock to produce verdigris, which dyes the entire rock green, so geologists named it malachite. So what are the benefits of wearing malachite, let's find out together.

The efficacy and role of malachite
1. The spiritual effect of malachite
Can purify and activate the chakra, which can be used for divination.
Malachite is said to have the magical effect of restoring the energy of the earth. Its spiral stripes are said to release the mind.

2. Physiological effects of malachite
Strengthens the liver, removes toxins and relieves tissue acidification.
It is beneficial to childbirth, so it is called "birthstone", which is very beneficial to female sexual organs and can treat venereal diseases. It can adjust DNA and cell structure, and can improve the function of human immune system. It is said to have a curative effect on a variety of ailments (eg asthma, epilepsy, fractures, arthritis, joint swelling, tumors, vertigo, high blood pressure, optic nerve, pancreas and thyroid disorders).

3. The psychological effect of malachite
Contributes to rebirth and increases the wearer's sense of responsibility.
It has a certain therapeutic effect on sexual psychological disorders.
It can improve the shyness of some people, lead people to put themselves in others' shoes, improve interpersonal relationships and enhance friendship.
Treats dyslexia, improves intuition and insight, and can heal emotional trauma.

4. The beauty effect of malachite
Malachite contains natural copper elements, so it can activate the natural antioxidant enzymes in the skin, which can make this natural antioxidant enzymes play the biggest role, so as to achieve the purpose of antioxidant. Therefore, wearing malachite can slow down the stratum corneum of the skin and achieve the effect of delicate and soft skin.
The advantage is that it looks good! It's actually a decoration!
Malachite is the weathering and oxide on the surface of copper mines. The main component is basic copper carbonate. The copper ions in it are harmful to people and cannot be eaten. However, wearing it on the body has no effect on the human body. Malachite is slightly soluble in water. Be sure to take it off when taking a bath, and wearing it is definitely harmless to the human body.crystal carvings wholesale