The efficacy and role of labradorite helps to enhance physical strength

The efficacy and role of labradorite
1. It has stable, firm and long-wavelength energy characteristics. For those who are prone to fatigue and often lack physical strength, it helps to strengthen vitality, increase physical strength and endurance;

2. For those who often need to work overtime, you can wear labradorite, which helps to replenish physical strength unconsciously and is not easy to fatigue;

3. When the eyes are tired and the throat is sore, the labradorite can be attached to it, and its energy can be used to soothe and return to normal;

4. When exercise, overwork, muscles and bones are sore, you can use labradorite to massage the sore parts to relieve pain;

5. Holding the labradorite and meditating can help improve the frequency of the whole body, strengthen the perspective and insight of things, and avoid being confused by the appearance of things.

Medical effects of labradorite
For the maintenance of Renmai hot and dry, regardless of whether the Qi channel has been opened or not, it is recommended to use labradorite bracelets or hand beads. Jadeite jade can also regulate Renmai dryness and heat. Many people prefer jadeite and jade, hoping to use jade ring to regulate Renmai dryness and heat syndrome, and jadeite jade looks beautiful and extravagant. But if it is to regulate Renmai dryness and heat, it is recommended to use labradorite. Although labradorite does not look as bright as jadeite jade, it actually proves that labradorite is better than jade ring in terms of regulating Renmai dryness and heat!

Labradorite purchasing skills
1. Look at transparency
The color of the labradorite should be crystal clear and high in transparency. Usually, the labradorite of good quality is translucent, and the position of the labradorite eye is in the middle. Then, the inside of labradorite occasionally produces objects like "centipedes", which are used as an important basis for identification.

2. Look at the texture
The mineralogical name of labradorite is "microcline feldspar", and the gemstones of the feldspar family have a relatively obvious texture shape, and uneven fractures will be found at some tiny fractures, while other gemstones are Different.

3. Look at refracted light
Usually used as imitation labradorite is made of glass, but the color of glass products is relatively single, which is single refraction, which is obviously different from the birefringence of labradorite. Therefore, the best choice for labradorite is bluish-white, and the more dazzling the blue in it, the more valuable the gemstone is.

How to maintain labradorite
1, can not be worn with other jewelry
If we already wear other jewelry, don't use labradorite, because labradorite is not very hard and can be easily damaged. Therefore, we must pay attention when wearing it every day. Do not wear labradorite with other accessories to avoid collision. When not wearing it, try to find a safer place to store it. It is best to put it in a jewelry box alone. In this way, the surface of the labradorite can be maintained to the greatest extent.

2. Do not touch chemical substances
Girls generally use perfumes and cosmetics, so it is not recommended to wear labradorite jewelry, because labradorite is a mineral gemstone and is easily corroded by chemicals. We must remove the labradorite when applying makeup or beauty. , so as to avoid chemical damage to the labradorite, even if it is accidentally stained, it is recommended to wipe and clean the labradorite as soon as possible, so as not to corrode the labradorite, which will affect the beauty of the wholesale labradorite.