The efficacy and role of amethyst, amethyst energy

Amethyst is a lucky stone for people born in February, and it is also a lover's stone. It is mysterious and romantic in purple. Women wear it to add gorgeousness and luxury, and men wear it to add wealth and honor. It can not only ward off evil, but also attract wealth and blessings. . It is the first choice for lovers. The amethyst placed in the home will have different functions according to the position. Today, I will tell you what the amethyst has to do?

What are the good luck and feng shui effects of amethyst

(1) Lover Stone

When it comes to amethyst, people's first reaction is to be in love. According to legend, Bacchus, the god of wine, saw the girl Amest and wanted to make fun of her, so he summoned a tiger, and Diana, the goddess of the moon, turned her into a girl in order to save her. Turning into a stone to temporarily resolve the crisis, after sobering up, Bacchus poured wine on the stone to express his apology, so it turned into a beautiful and moving amethyst. The noble and elegant purple is deeply loved by people, full of mystery and splendor. Wearing it for couples can warm up the relationship and make the marriage life sweeter and more beautiful. Wearing it for couples means loyalty and longevity. If you are single, wearing it can add to the opposite sex. As a love affair between couples, amethyst can bring luck to people in both marriage and love.

(2) Memorial stone

In Uruguay, amethyst is called the national stone, and it is also a symbol of maintaining rationality. People with a certain status like to wear amethyst rings, which represent a supreme social status, as well as dignity and identity. It is precisely because of the elegance and nobility represented by purple, as well as many legends that add romantic color, the noble status of amethyst has been established. In Europe and the United States, parents will give amethyst to their children on their 20th birthday, as a token of the parents' love for their children. Expectation also represents courage and strength. It is expected that the children after adulthood can cut through thorns with their own swords like a warrior.


(3) Lucky Stone

Wearing amethyst is very helpful to our right brain. It can improve our concentration, focus on work, improve our memory, and not be influenced by the outside world. We can deal with problems calmly and face challenges. The sixth sense obtains good information, which can improve the efficiency of your career. When you concentrate during work, your fortune will gradually improve, helping you to make a good relationship. Necklaces and bracelets made of amethyst can also be used to ward off evil spirits and protect the body. If it is placed in the home, it is recommended to choose the noble or wealthy position, which can attract noble people, gather popularity, enhance fame and status, and have a smooth career.


(4) Body stone

For homes with evil spirits, amethysts are placed to protect the surrounding aura from being invaded. If the child at home is suffering from minor illnesses, wearing amethyst can enhance immunity and help him recover quickly. If you often encounter unexpected disasters, using amethyst can improve your health and fortune, ward off evil spirits and protect your body. When young people wear amethyst, whether they are studying or seeking a job, they will be smoother, they can also add wisdom and good luck, and they can also drive away evil spirits. Middle-aged wear is very helpful to career fortune, can drive away bad luck, increase wealth, calm emotions, and bring more prosperity and wealth.