Noble Gem - Tiger Eye, Crystal Power Stone of Courage

Tiger eye stone, also known as tiger eye stone, opal stone, wood alexandrite, is a kind of gemstone with cat's eye effect. , brown, yellow, blue and other colors, mostly yellow-brown, with a silk-like light pattern in the gem. The legendary stone of courage.


Tiger's eye is actually a kind of fossil wood, a member of the quartz family, and has a certain relationship with crystal, agate, etc. It is formed by the strong metasomatism and cementation of natural asbestos by carbon dioxide silica gel. , is brown, brown, yellow, blue and other colors, with silk luster and dense and hard quartz rock.

Tiger's eye is loved by Indians because its stripes remind them of a fierce tiger. South Africans regard tiger eye stone as the national stone, which shows their deep love for tiger eye stone. If you watch the tiger eye stone products in detail, a world of strange magic colors will make you happy and unforgettable. It can be said that it is a vivid photo of the earth's activities and changes for thousands of years. There are red, yellow, brown, blue and other colors of light flashing in it, and there are various unimaginable lines, which are extremely beautiful. The high-quality tiger's eye stone is beautiful and uniform in color and has appropriate texture, like the eyes of an elves, flickering, mysterious and colorful, full of spirituality, and reproduces the life endowed by nature. Among them, the eyeliner is clear, bright and complete, the gloss is good and the lines are clear and powerful like tiger eyes, there are no impurities on the stone, and the texture is uniform and the color is the best. It is considered to be a treasure of nature, a miracle of the earth, a special gemstone structure, like the eyes of an elf, flickering and flickering, and like an opal, it has distinct and unique characteristics, and each tiger's eye is emitting a severe light, like a severe light. The eyes are more like a mysterious enchantment. From different angles, the eyes of the tiger's eyes are different. The difference from the opal is that the color of the tiger's eye is more domineering and gorgeous.