Lucky crystals and energy worn by the twelve constellations!

Aries ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

The main effect and function of tea crystal: stabilize mood

Aries is full of enthusiasm every day, dares to think and act, not only seizes all the opportunities that can be seized, but also makes many mistakes in details because of being too impulsive, and encounters various oolong incidents. The tea crystal is divided into three colors: tea, ink and smoke, all of which are very clear and transparent. The cool-toned brown light is soft and pleasing to the eye, which can calm the restless emotions in daily life, especially suitable for Aries who are often manic and restless. At the same time, tea crystals have heavy energy. Long-term wearing can promote blood circulation, cardiopulmonary function, and improve human immunity. Wearing them in summer also has the effect of preventing heatstroke. This can undoubtedly solve the old problem of Aries' strong anger.


TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

The main effect and function of garnet: to stimulate fighting spirit

Taurus is down-to-earth and single-minded when it comes to relationships. But their biggest disadvantage is the pursuit of stability, enjoyment of comfort, and easy satisfaction with the status quo, which will make people feel very unmotivated. The flaming appearance of garnet and its festive, bright and conspicuous appearance, this dazzling and stimulating color can not only stimulate the hidden positive motivation in the heart of Taurus. It can make them full of self-confidence, fight against depression, and feel happy. At the same time, Taurus people generally do not like sports because they enjoy comfort and are usually in a state of laziness. The garnet helps to improve the blood problems of the human body, can promote blood circulation, speed up metabolism, increase vitality, and thus can play a role in beauty and beauty.


Gemini GEMINI (May 21 - June 21)

The main effect and function of rose tourmaline: attracting peach blossoms

Gemini is a constellation chasing the freshness of love from beginning to end. They are not looking for a lover who will spend a lifetime together. Instead, they are intoxicated with conquering different opposite sexes, and in this they enjoy their own charm and are further recognized by others. Roses are a symbol of love, but roses have thorns, which are charming and dangerous, but rose tourmaline is relatively soft and soft, making people want to get close. It is especially suitable for Geminis who like to experience different loves to attract more attention of the opposite sex. Although Gemini constantly pursues different feelings, they will feel lonely again and again. And the dazzling and soft rose color can make people happy and happy, elated, melt indifference and insecurity, and dispel loneliness.


Cancer CANCER (June 22 - July 22)

The main efficacy and role of watermelon crystal: beauty and health

The texture of watermelon is soft and non-irritating. Wearing it for a long time can dilate the capillaries, promote the blood circulation of the whole body, and make the skin more smooth and delicate. This is what a domestic constellation like Cancer needs most. At the same time, Cancer is the kind of constellation that cares about family members very much. If there are pregnant women at home, watermelon crystal is also the best choice. High-quality watermelon crystals, paired with garnets to promote metabolism, can help the health of the baby to continue to improve along with the good health of the mother. It can be said to be the "lazy little housekeeper" for pregnant mothers. At the same time, from an aesthetic point of view, Cancer does not want to be too cutting-edge in the world, too eye-catching, but not too rustic, watermelon crystal is especially suitable for them. The color of watermelon crystals is redder and more transparent. Like the cool breeze blowing in the hot summer, it will give people a particularly approachable temperament.


Leo LEO (July 23 - August 22)

The main function and function of green ghost: attracting nobles

Green represents peace and friendship, so green ghosts can bring good luck in career, promote interpersonal relationships, and attract nobles. What a leader like Leo needs most is a green ghost. At the same time, Leos are often confronted with excessive stress at work. Since green is located in the center of the spectrum, it is the most balanced color. When stressed, Leo can fill the whole body with green ghost meditation, which can relieve tension and relax. At the same time, Leo is often the leader in a group, and must worry about all kinds of things, and it is also prone to some problems in the body. The green ghost crystal has the function of strengthening the heart, and its light color has auxiliary effects on the treatment of heartache, heart disease, high blood pressure, dyspnea, nervousness, insomnia, anger, delusion, and cancer.


Virgo VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Topazal main efficacy and role: step by step

Topaz is noble and unique, with royal demeanor, shining with golden yellow light like gold, and has a strong energy to attract wealth. Wearing it for a long time can make money and progress step by step. And Virgo especially needs topazal domineering to conquer others. At the same time, Virgos tend to neglect the maintenance of their bodies because they work too hard. And topaz can enhance blood circulation, promote metabolism, activate internal organs, prevent constipation, and help eliminate toxins.

Libra LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

The main functions and functions of golden obsidian: attracting wealth and warding off evil spirits

The greatest joy in life for a Libra is to feel needed in a group. However, it is always difficult to adjust the heavy words, and they will always have to sacrifice the interests of some people for the interests of the group, so they will inadvertently establish a lot of enemies. The color of obsidian is like gold, which can attract wealth. The black primary color is extremely evil, and can strongly dissolve negative energy. The combination of the two complements each other. This is definitely the best choice for Libras who want to make a career at work without offending too many people.


Scorpio SCORPIO (October 23 - November 22)

The main function and function of blue chalcedony: lift the villain

Scorpios usually have clear goals in love and work, and dare to do what they do, but they are often desperate to achieve their goals and like to do some small things in private. , will pay a certain price. The chalcedony stone is the representative of the moon and is inseparably related to water. It can prevent drowning and accidents, avoid the intrusion of witchcraft, and is also conducive to unlocking various negative energies that constitute obstacles, such as anti-villain, It is especially suitable for Scorpio, who has many enemies. In addition, Scorpio people are narrow-minded and prone to jealousy. Blue chalcedony can also help impatient people to restrain anger, achieve self-control, and it can even prevent the wearer from being jealous and falling objects.


Sagittarius SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 22)

Main functions and functions of onyx: establishing personal goals

The life of a Sagittarius is based on the pursuit of freedom and guided by self-feeling. When he is young, he is often unrestrained, playing with life, and living a free and easy life. But when people reach middle age, they often regret it too late in the face of external pressure. Onyx has the effect of stimulating the desire for knowledge and action for people who are depressed at the current stage, have no personal goals and are struggling. People who are relatively unplanned like Sagittarius, especially need onyx to correctly understand their personal goals, rush to catch up, and grow hard. In addition, onyx is one of the Seven Treasures of Buddhism. It has been used as an amulet to ward off evil spirits and amulets since ancient times. It symbolizes friendly love and hope, and is conducive to eliminating negative energy such as stress, fatigue, and turbidity.


Capricorn CAPRICORN (December 23 - January 19)

The main effect and function of strawberry crystal: increase courage

Capricorns are kind-hearted, down-to-earth and reliable. But even if he is weak inside, he is not willing to bravely pursue the person he likes. Aesthetically, they are also conservative, and they are not willing to boldly show their unique beauty, so they are always not favored by Cupid. The appearance of strawberry crystal is more like the color of strawberry, and the natural sediment with a little starlight inside is like the fruit seed on the strawberry. The taste of strawberry is sweet and sour, much like our initial love. Girls can wear it to make themselves sweeter and more beautiful, while boys can use it as the best little gift for their girlfriends.


AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 19)

The main effect and function of mandarin duck chalcedony: love is long-lasting

Aquarius is born with the unique temperament of an artist. Even if they are invested in love, they will not compromise for each other. This is because they do not believe in eternal love. They think that if they are too spiritual If you rely on each other too much, then one day you will be abandoned by the other party, and you will have nothing. If you can have an eternal love, Aquarius will consider yourself the luckiest person. The love of mandarin ducks is the object of envy of many couples. Since ancient times, there has been a saying that "only the mandarin ducks are envied, not the immortals". The mandarin duck chalcedony is actually very suitable as a couple bracelet, which means that love will last forever.


Pisces PISCES (February 20 - March 20)

The main effect and function of ice powder crystal: cure love

Pisces is the most delicate of the 12 zodiac signs. Love is not only the source of all their happiness, but also brings countless sorrows, due to the fact that they are particularly prone to cranky thoughts, and a casual word of others may cause them to suffer. For those who have been hurt by love, wearing ice powder crystal jewelry can also help you heal the wounds of love and reduce emotional troubles, so as to enjoy and grasp love. At the same time, Pisces are not very used to pretending and are very inexperienced in dealing with people. Regardless of whether it is for customers, bosses, subordinates and colleagues, ice powder crystal can bring excellent auxiliary and improvement effects, making interpersonal communication more rounded and popular.