How to perform crystal healing?

Crystal healing starts with crystals and chakras. This is also the most representative of the spar culture. The Healing Code of Chakras and Colors We talked about earlier that there are seven major chakras in everyone. And these seven chakras have their corresponding colors. As early as thousands of years ago, people discovered that this colorful chakra has the ability to resonate and resonate with the corresponding color crystal. That is to say, as long as we can properly use the color energy of crystals to perform natural therapy on the body and mind, we can make the body and mind feel comfortable and improve our health. Red crystal energy: It can improve the blood circulation system, muscles and spinal cord and other related organs. For example: penis and vagina. Helps to improve susceptibility. Associated with fire, water and yin and yang elements. Red or pink ores can be used to boost power. For example: southern onyx, red jasper, ruby, pink opal, garnet, red tourmaline, ruby ​​and other green crystal energy: the human body can excrete unnecessary water and toxins through the kidneys. In charge of the urinary system, nervous system, hearing and part of the immune system. It has the ability to enhance the self-repair of internal organs. Helps increase mobility and improve perception. Both green and blue gems can enhance green energy. For example: turquoise, green tourmaline, amazonite, emerald, green ghost, Czech meteorite, etc.

Yellow crystal energy: belongs to the earth in the five elements, in charge of the digestive system. At the same time, it also belongs to the wood of the five elements, which is in charge of the functions of the liver and liver capsule. Responsible for processing and absorbing the food we eat into our body and providing us with the nutrients we need. Yellow ore can help us boost yellow energy, improve our digestive system, and moderate our diet. Relevant ores are pyrite, amber and citrine, titanium crystal, etc.

White crystal energy: responsible for organs such as bones and teeth, lungs, bronchi and skin (which belong to the five elements of gold). All white minerals can affect the body fluids in the human body, and the energy of the white minerals can help us drive away the emotions of fear in our hearts. Most of the white minerals contain a lot of calcium (such as calcite and pearls, etc.), and the use of organic-shaped white minerals can maximize the effect of white energy. The shape of white coral is very similar to the shape of bronchial white. White minerals such as calcite, pearl, moonstone, and white crystal can enhance white energy.