How to distinguish true and false obsidian? What are the ways to identify obsidian?

Obsidian is a product of rapid cooling of volcanic rocks, and belongs to a natural glass ore. Obsidian is a kind of black natural ore, which has a certain origin with Buddhism. It is regarded as the Seven Treasures of Buddhism and symbolized wealth in ancient times. Many people regard obsidian as a crystal gemstone. In fact, obsidian is not a natural crystal in the true sense, but Its physical properties and materials are very close to natural crystals. In fact, obsidian is the product of rapid cooling of volcanic rocks. It belongs to a kind of natural glazed ore. Obsidian is usually black, but there are also browns, grays, and a little red, as well as blues and greens. So how to distinguish the true and false of obsidian, let's introduce the identification method of obsidian in detail.

1. Temperature
Like crystal spar, the temperature of obsidian is relatively low. You can lick it with your tongue to see if it is much cooler than glass.

2. Internal structure and color
Due to its special formation characteristics, there are often many small bubbles inside the black yao stone, and it has a flowing structure. In addition, when the black yao stone is irradiated with a strong flashlight, it will be found that the color of the black yao stone is not black, but dark brown. or dark brown.

3. Rainbow Eyes
The rainbow eye is one of the most important features of obsidian. Since the rainbow eye is produced by the refraction of light, the intensity of the light directly affects its effect. Obsidian is basically black under normal light. , you can see beautiful rainbow eyes. Rainbow eyes are different, and even the same eye can have different sides, a feature that makes it less likely to be counterfeited.

4. Value
Obsidian resources are not rich, and many obsidian products on the market are mostly imitations, so they can be distinguished in terms of price. The price of real obsidian is in the range of one hundred yuan, while the fake one can be bought for ten or tens of yuan.

The purification method of obsidian generally adopts the two simplest methods, and the time is generally selected to be carried out on the night of the full moon (because there is a good luck praying for the moonlight Bodhisattva on the right side of the Medicine Buddha in the Oriental Pure Glass World to bless and protect it!) , both on the fifteenth day of the lunar month, the moonlight method has the best effect on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival!

1. Moonlight purification method: On the night of the full moon, placing obsidian beads, bracelets, mascot ornaments, etc. in a place where the moonlight can shine, and leaving it overnight, can not only remove all kinds of evils collected by obsidian, but also Increases Obsidian's Aura.

2. Crystal purification method: If you cannot see the moonlight on a full moon night due to bad weather and other reasons, you can put obsidian mascots, such as bracelet beads, etc., in natural crystal fragments or other natural crystal utensils before going to bed. , Obsidian will be purified, this method can also be used on weekdays, but it is not as effective as the moonlight method.

Since the pure energy of Obsidian belongs to absorbing energy, it is generally recommended to wear the right hand. Almost all crystals are worn on the left hand, except for Obsidian, which can be worn on the right hand. Because according to the principle of left-in and right-out in ancient China, the left hand is intake air and the right hand is exhaust air. Wearing obsidian in the right hand helps to absorb the negative energy of oneself, including relatively unclean things or sick air. , or even bad luck. But Obsidian can be worn left or right, depending on which energy attribute you want. Generally speaking, if you want to prevent some bad negative energy, you can wear it on the left hand, so that the bad energy will not invade.

Rainbow-eyed obsidian is a phenomenon that occurs in obsidian with more impurities, and this phenomenon is less obvious in ice obsidian. In fact, the so-called rainbow eye is just a depositional cleavage surface. The cooling of obsidian is layered cooling. After all, the heat transfer of glass is not good, so it will be layered and cooled, and this depositional cleavage surface will be formed.

Ordinary non-rainbow-eyed obsidian, that is, the beads are still black when looking at the light under strong light, without any other reflections. This type of obsidian has the largest output, but the lowest market value, and is generally used for large carvings. At present, there are few such fakes on the market, but there are also unscrupulous merchants who use stained glass and inferior blackstone. It is very difficult for non-experts to distinguish between these two types of fakes. The best way is: less contact with no rainbow Light wholesale obsidian.

Gold obsidian is a variety of obsidian, which is relatively rare and has a high market value. It is characterized by a golden light covered with golden sand under the light. Generally, a good obsidian itself should not be too dark, which will affect the appearance of gold; secondly, the gold dots on the obsidian should be uniform in size and evenly distributed (if it is not uniform, it will cause gold here and black there, and there will be a smudged face The feeling directly affects the appearance), and the last sentence is: it should shine! The light of gold obsidian is easier to see than the rainbow eye, and it can be seen outdoors. This is also the reason why obsidian is more popular.

There are two kinds of ice obsidian, one is translucent obsidian without rainbow light, you must have an authoritative identification certificate to buy this kind of ice obsidian, because some unscrupulous merchants on the market sell fake, generally fake obsidian color light tea is a bit dull. The yellow kind, and the other is the translucent obsidian with rainbow eyes of the ice species. Many people in Baidu say that the seriously ill obsidian is fake.

How to identify the real and fake obsidian, the above are the basic methods of identification. Obsidian is low-end in terms of price, and those that can be faked are high-end imitation obsidian products. The so-called imitation, in fact, is glass. However, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between real and fake jade on the market, so the purchase channel is still very important.

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