Best Crystal Healing Combo Energy with Selenite

Selenite crystals evoke a beautiful image of a bright and luminous moon. The word Selenite comes from the name of the moon goddess Selene, whose crescent crown and silver wings ride in a gleaming chariot across the beautiful sky, turning golden days into slumbering silver nights, guiding and protecting those in the dark people.

So, like the moon goddess for which it is named, selenite embodies blessing, serenity, light, and love. Don't be fooled by its luminous and feminine appearance, Selenite is a powerful stone that emits intense vibrational energy that can be further amplified by the right stone.

Optimal Crystal Combination of Selenite and Its Benefits

Benefits of Selenite and Moonstone Combination
With its ethereal glow and transparency, selenite reflects pure white light into whatever room it's in. It is believed to contain a warm liquid spiritual light that inspires deep peace and tranquility. Not only that, but it also carries high frequency energies that surpass almost all stones for clearing, opening and activating your higher chakras. As such, it is an ideal stone for spiritual work, meditation and connecting with ancient knowledge and wisdom, while also entering the realm of angels and connecting with your spiritual guide.

When you combine it with the power of another crystal that harnesses the power of the moon, you will experience double the vibrational energy. Moonstone, on the other hand, promotes strength and inner growth when selenite acts on your higher chakras. Known as the Stone of New Beginnings, Moonstone helps support new beginnings and relieves the stress and uneasy feelings of instability you experience as you travel through the spiritual world and the sacred realm of selenite.

Since both stones have a deep connection to the moon, the combination of selenite and moonstone can create a harmonious relationship with God, while also enhancing your intuition, opening your heart to other worlds, governing your ego, and connecting with Fight materialism so you can better connect to your higher self.

Benefits of Selenite and Angelica Combination
Crystal combination of selenite
For those who have trouble falling asleep, here's a powerful combination that should at least do the trick: Selenite and Angelite paired. If your mind is noisy when you lie in bed at night, the calming vibrations of selenite should ease clutter and negative thoughts, purify and clear your mind, and give you a good night's sleep.

As mentioned earlier, selenite has a strong connection to the moon and emits vibrational energy that can give you a peaceful, peaceful and stress-free environment at night. It created this protective golden shield with a positive energy seal. Now, in order to double the already powerful energy, you can borrow Angelette's power.

With its soothing blue energy, Angelite also helps to bring a feeling of calm and inner peace to the user. It also helps relieve worries, stress and anxiety so you can sleep better. Not only that, Angelite crystals are great problem solvers of your dreams, so you can wake up with fresh ideas.

So while selenite can calm your mind and clear out the cluttered thoughts that would otherwise keep you awake at night, Angelite induces deep sleep while enhancing your ability to communicate with your angels, thus facilitating your connection with the angelic realm while you sleep connections and astral travel. Selenite will ensure you are protected for a safe return as you continue your astral journey.

Benefits of Selenite and Herkimer Diamond Combination
Herkimer Diamonds
Selenite, like Herkimer diamonds, is one of the most popular cleaning and magnifying gemstones. This is because of its powerful ability to clear blockages and eliminate negative energies, especially in its strongly resonating crown chakra. By clearing these negative emotions, you allow higher vibrations to permeate your higher chakras and auras.

Therefore, it is very useful when meditating. Now, with one of the best selenite crystal combinations, you can have a powerful and efficient spiritual meditation. The Herkimer diamond, a quartz crystal with twice the vibrational energy, is another great stone for balancing the crown chakra. However, it is also a good stone for your third eye chakra, enhancing your inner vision and improving better communication with the higher realms.

By using these two stones, you can not only open your heart to the divine and angelic realms, but also understand and see the vision and wisdom before you. As Herkimer diamonds promote better harmony with your spirituality and higher self, selenites on the other hand help protect yourself from energy vampires, bring clarity and eliminate stagnation for simplicity and continuation communication.

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