Best Crystal Combinations of Lazurite Crystal Healing Power

Lazuli can provide many benefits. However, these benefits become more difficult to ignore, especially when you try the best crystal combinations for lapis lazuli.

You can combine lapis lazuli with crystals that increase intelligence and perception. Generally speaking, any crystal associated with the crown chakra is an excellent complement to lapis lazuli. In fact, such crystals will improve your mental focus. More importantly, they will give you the ability to intellectually comprehend what the power of lapis lazuli shows.

But what exactly is the best crystal combination for lapis lazuli? Please read carefully to find out.

The 4 Best Crystal Combinations of Lazuli and Their Benefits
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The benefits of lapis lazuli and amethyst combination
If you find yourself unsure how to act, this combo is for you. Lazuli and amethyst will help you think correctly and clearly without letting your judgment be clouded by your emotions.

Remember that your emotions are valid and a necessary part of the human experience of life. More importantly, they shouldn't be discounted.

Emotions, on the other hand, can be very dangerous. Because everyone has a hard time emotionally reacting to the same situation.

When you use one of the best lapis lazuli crystal combinations, you will become more aware of the energy levels around you. This improved intuition is great for your spiritual growth as it helps awaken your power to the universe.

If you practice strength or meditation on a regular basis, the power of this combination will help you get the most out of your meditation.

Benefits of the combination of lapis lazuli and bloodstone
Crystal combination of lapis lazuli
If you feel that you need some level of mystical outburst, but you also need to act on what you see, for example, if you feel stuck in a mentally toxic situation and are not sure how to get out, or if you have had a traumatic experience and need to deal with it Its insights then pair lapis lazuli with bloodstone.

Soapstone has a two-pronged technique to complement the power of lapis lazuli. First, this combination will allow you to deal in a healthy way with negative experiences and emotions that may be unclogged through your improved perception and connection to higher powers.

Second, lapis lazuli and bloodstone will help you act on what you have learned from your spiritual and spiritual experiences.

The benefits of lapis lazuli and clear quartz combination
clear quartz
Clear quartz amplifies your thoughts and energy and the effect of other crystals such as lapis lazuli. This combination will regulate, absorb, store and release energy.

When combined with lapis lazuli, clear quartz absorbs all types of negative energy that neutralizes background radiation, including electromagnetic smog or petrochemical radiation. These stones will revitalize and balance the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

Furthermore, they will cleanse and strengthen the organs and the subtle body and act as a deep soul cleanser, linking the physical dimension to the mind.

Crystals, on the other hand, will improve psychic abilities. They will also help focus and unlock memories.

The benefits of lapis lazuli and black tourmaline combination
Black tourmaline is actually the ultimate protective crystal. One of the best things that can cause the root chakra to become unstable is negative energy from others.

If you have a lot of negativity around you, be sure to use both lapis lazuli and black tourmaline.

With one of the best combinations of lapis lazuli, you will be safe from accidents. Meaning if you're prone to bad luck or clumsiness, this combination might help boost your vibrations.

In fact, these two crystals may help bring a sense of harmony and harmony with a chaotic or disorganized home.

Again, if this combination is placed discreetly in your workplace, lapis lazuli and black tourmaline will ease a stressful office environment. This will then lead to more ethics in how companies approach deals.

However, if spiritual awakening is essential for you, incorporating these two crystals into your life is a very effective way to enhance.

The moment you bring these crystals into your life, you will surely find yourself becoming more and more aware of the higher energy vibrations that operate in the universe.

This will lead to enhanced mental and spiritual health, which will have a positive trickle-down effect and impact the rest of your life by encouraging you to be open and optimistic about the world.

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