Aquamarine benefits,meaning and properties,Crystal Healing Bracelets

Healing Aquamarine Definition
Aquamarine derives from the Latin phrase aqua marina for “seawater”. Romans and Greeks thought this stone would shield and protect sailors that embarking on treacherous sea journeys, where the currents and storms would mingle.

The ancient Greeks and the Romans believed that aquamarine came from the treasure chest of mermaids. Its soothing and cleansing energy certainly possesses the energy of the sea. They also believed that aquamarine would restore energy and reduce indolence on the job.

In the zodiac, Aquamarine is associated with Pisces and Aries. People born during the months of February 19th through March 20th and March 21st through April 19th can leverage from this stone.
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Aquamarine Color
Aquamarine is known for its beautiful soft blue, turquoise and green hues. This stone may be found in a darker shade of deep blue, and then it’s called maxixe. The darker the color of aquamarine, the more valuable it is.

Aquamarine is a very sturdy stone but, it must be handled with care and limit exposure to the sun. Too much light and the formerly blue colors will bleach.

Aquamarine Stone
Aquamarine is a variety of beryl, a stone family that also includes emeralds. It comes from granite pegmatite deposits. The gem has a level of 7.5 – 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This quality makes Aquamarine ideal for assembling custom jewelry design.

Aquamarine Benefits
Aquamarine healing properties can help alleviate many health conditions such as inflammatory diseases, chronic allergies, colds, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, and eyestrain. The colored stone supports the lungs and respiratory tracts while healing sinuses.

Moreover, aquamarine can help get rid of any anger and fear, since it propagates a soothing, calming and cleansing energy effect. Wearing the stone over the throat chakra can promote overcoming the fear of speaking in public, and communicating with clarity. Need another addition to your gem collection? Aquamarine may be the stone that you are seeking for your well-being.

Aquamarine Powers and Properties
Open up your throat chakra and allow Aquamarine stone to works its magic. Aquamarine can be an essential tool for those people that teach and speak in public. It clears the path and relieves any stage fright and anxiety.
Place an aquamarine stone on your throat chakra for about 20 minutes, and this will unleash an energy blockage.

Aquamarine Price
Aquamarine is sourced in many mines located in Afghanistan, Austria, Brazil, Burma, India, Ireland, Mexico, Pakistan, Kenya, Russia, and Zimbabwe. You can even find several in the United States. However, the largest stone was found in Brazil. As a result, aquamarine pricing can vary widely.

The quality, cut and clarity can significantly affect the price of the stone. However, in the case of Aquamarine what is truly important in terms of the value of the stone is the carats and the color.

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Aquamarine Healing Uses
Are you experiencing mental blocks? Anxious about making life-changing decisions? This stone is the solution you need. Raise your vibrational frequency while holding the aquamarine crystal during meditation, clear all negative thoughts from your mind.

These crystals will facilitate and dissipate any negative energy while recharging your body, mind, and spirit. Try purchasing an aquamarine today and begin experiencing life-changing results.

Aquamarine Jewelry
An aquamarine necklace will help you achieve the showstopper look. You can wear gorgeous pendant earrings or bracelets, which will help clear your aura.

Try one of our healing crystals today. A blue aquamarine may be what you need to bring more happiness into your life!