Angelite benefits,meaning and properties,Crystal Healing Bracelets

Healing Angelite Rock Definition
The name “Ahnydrite” it was comes from the Greek word anhydras which means “without water”. The stone was discovered in Peru in 1978. Often people will find it in gypsum deposits with salt.

In the zodiac, Angelite is associated with Aquarius. For this reason, Angelite is birthstone for those people born in Aquarius January 20th through February 18th. It makes a great gift for anyone born around these times of the month because Aquarius is associated with Intelligent and independent.

Angelite Color
You will find various colors for Angelite, from clear to pale blue and white. Ideally, you want glacier blue or lilac When the stone has impurities, you may see brown and grey.

Angelite Stone
Anhydrite is a calcite stone. It has a crystal level of hardness of 3.5 on the Mohs scale. This stone can be retrofitted into beads and beautiful jewelry pieces.

When designing or using, Angelite should be handled with proper care. The stone is very fragile and it should not be worn if perspiring, bathing or swimming.

Angelite Benefits
Due to its high vibrational frequency, Angelite is wonderful for opening up and balancing your third eye and throat chakra. Which serves as a channel to connect with your higher being. Furthermore, If you need to maximize your intuition, sit down and meditate with the stone, this will not only enhance your psychic abilities, but this will ground you, bring peace and tranquility into your life.

Angelite Powers and Properties
Angelite healing properties promote spiritual awareness, heightens perception and enhances psychic abilities, facilitates contact with the angelic realm, stimulates telepathic abilities, improves spirituality, promote spiritual exploration and encourages to speak the truth.

For those struggling to make a decision in life, Angelite will be a support through difficult times. Angelite healing properties can bring clarity and aid anxiety. This stone creates a sense of relaxation and spiritual growth. Place an Angelite stone on your third throat chakra meditate for 20 minutes daily, and see how its high vibrational frequency will help strengthen your communications skills.

Angelite Price
Angelite cost is quite modest. Difficult to cut and reconfigure this stone can only be carved into ornaments or objects. However, this stone is most commonly cut into cabochons which can be carved into beautiful jewelry pieces.

Angelite Healing Uses
Classified as the peace and brotherhood stone. Angelite has a variety of beneficial factors such as reducing inflammation, balances the thyroid, renews the tissue and blood vessels, promotes fluid balance, enhances weight control, and has a cooling and soothing properties that enable the body to cool down.

Angelite Jewelry
Angelite is typically cut into cabochons and made into beaded bracelets and necklaces. The designs focus on integrating the healing stones with your life.

An eye-catching Angelite necklace can complement your outfit of the day look, and make you look your best. Wearing one around your neck will unblock your throat and third eye chakra. A lilac Angelite may be what you need to welcome peace, tranquility, and calmness into your life.