Angel Aura quartz benefits,meaning and properties,Crystal Healing Bracelets

Healing Angel Aura quartz Definition
Angel aura is a man-made stone that is composed of clear quartz. To create the glistening iridescent look, the stone is molecularly bonded with platinum. What makes angel aura quartz so special is that it emits a soothing, gentle and angelic energy frequency. Angel Aura quartz is often compared to Aquamarine because of its similarity due to its calm and relaxing effect on the mind and body.

In the zodiac, Angel Aura is associated with Aquarius. People born during the months of January 20th through February 18th are associated with this constellation, the starry cupbearer who represents water. People can take advantage of this stone to get in touch with their intuition.

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Angel Aura Color
Angel aura quartz is known for its beautiful rainbow metallic iridescent sheen. This stone can be found in a variety of shades of blue, pink, red, orange, green and yellow. In terms of value, the stone is quite affordable. In addition, angel aura is a very sturdy stone.

Angel Aura Quartz
Angel aura is a quartz stone that contains gold or platinum coating in order to achieve an iridescent look. With a level of 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, angel aura quartz is an extraordinary stone for custom jewelry.

Angel Aura Quartz Benefits
An angel aura healing properties are quite remarkable. The stone stimulates the immune system, balances the body’s mind and soul, and strengthens your energy level. Angel aura quartz can greatly heal emotional trauma, cleanse the organs and help against phobias.

Get rid of any anxiety or panic attacks by wearing the stone as a necklace. The gemstone will assist with your throat chakra. Regain your peace and balance by holding the stone in your hand and setting an intention. In order to see results, this should be practiced on a daily basis.

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Angel Aura Quartz Powers And Properties
Balance your chakras and attune your physical body to angel aura quartz. Harmonize your space by placing a few stones throughout your home in order to dissipate low vibrational energy. Let your chakras align with this sweet and loving magnetic energy.

How can you tap into your subconscious mind and elevate your vibrational frequency? By practicing visualization techniques for 10-15 minutes on a daily basis, will help get rid of negative patterns, achieve life goals and desired outcomes. Each day, create a visual picture in your mind, mentally rehearse and create positive affirmations based on your goals. Meditative awareness grounding can help with mindfulness and physical health.

Research suggests that the subconscious mind is more receptive when it’s in a relaxed state. Therefore, one can leverage by reprogramming their subconscious mind by listening to positive audio affirmation on a daily basis.

Angel Aura Price
Angel aura quartz is classified as the New Age stone which is composed of a combination of quartz and traces of gold and other minerals. Since it’s manmade, the scarcity depends on the manufacturers and availability of precious metals.

Pricing can be very affordable. Depending on the size of the stone it can vary from three dollars to thirty dollars. Some pieces start at a 35 dollar minimum. Others may cost as low as ten dollars. It all depends on the size and iridescence.

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Angel Aura Healing Uses
Looking for inner spiritual guidance? Experiencing any mental blockages? Tap into your inner spiritual guidance by meditating with an angel aura quartz for 15 minutes. Despair all negative mental blockages place a stone on your third eye chakra, relax and meditate.

To see maximum results, smudge your home accordingly with sage, juniper, cedar, or lavender. Furthermore, recharge your crystal by cleansing with salt or smudge after working with the stone.

Angel Aura Jewelry
An angel aura necklace will help you achieve the showstopper look. You can wear gorgeous pendant earrings or bracelets, which will help clear your aura. Try one of our healing crystals today. An angel quartz may be what you need to bring more happiness into your life!