10 Miraculous Healing Crystals, The Magical Power of Nature

If you have a natural interest in alternative medicine and overall living, you may also be interested in crystals. These beautiful stones are found naturally on earth, and one of the best uses for crystals is healing. Each type of crystal has its own magic power and aura that can be used in a specific way. For those stones with healing powers, they can be placed on the body for a rejuvenating effect.

If you want to start crystal healing, here are 10 of the most amazing crystals to use.

10 - Citrine

This is a beautiful stone that has been used in crystal healing for centuries. While you can get different types, bright orange natural lemons are one that many like to use. As the color suggests, it has the power to attract pure, bright energy and remove the negative energy around you. If you are a pessimistic person, this crystal will help you to eliminate negative energy.

09 - Obsidian

If you like obsidian, you've heard that this stone is formed when a volcano explodes and the resulting lava cools. Black in color, often confused with black onyx, but their properties are completely different. Obsidian is a stone for emotional and physical pain,

Especially joint pain, dysmenorrhea or indigestion. Obsidian also helps relieve stress.

08 - Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz has a great healing effect on emotions and is often regarded as the love stone in crystal healing circles. It helps to promote a calm and relaxing atmosphere around you and helps resolve conflicts. Rose Quartz is also great at getting rid of negative energies against you. Many crystal healers use the stone to mend broken relationships or strengthen bonds between loved ones.

07 - Topaz

Topaz comes in a variety of colors. Like Quartz, Topaz Pairs helps to get rid of negative energy and helps to boost people's positivity. If you are feeling low or full of energy, topaz is great for healing. Many diseases in our body can come from blocked or weak negative energies.

06 - Aquamarine

A striking crystal, the aquamarine is breathtaking in color and appearance, and is the cornerstone of relaxation and calm. It's an excellent stress reliever and can help clear your mind if you're confused or anxious. As this crystal looks like the sea, it is clear that it gives a sense of calm. Interestingly, this also helps promote self-expression. So, if you feel like you need help expressing your emotions or feelings, this is the perfect option.

05 – Blue Onyx

This is a crystal that is a powerful healing agent and is often used in the throat area of ​​the session. This is because it helps you find your voice, express yourself, and feel confident in being yourself. Also known as blue lace agate, it can also help with body expression. So if you need the courage to show someone you love to someone in action, this might help. A very good stone that helps promote positive energy in the body and is a widely used stone for crystal repair.

04 – Labradorite

This crystal is a labradorite and usually comes in a variety of colors. It is not well known to the public, it is a gem for healing purposes. This crystal is recommended when you are going through difficult times and need to find the strength to keep going. It helps you attract positive energy, it heals your heart, removes any worries you have about what you're doing, and finds the courage to keep going.

03 – Amethyst

Amethyst is a beautiful gemstone that also works well as a healing tool. It is purple, but the exact shade varies from stone to stone. The main benefit of this stone in healing is increased alertness and mental freshness. It can also help you gain strength when you're underweight and can also relieve headaches. Amethyst is also a spiritual stone, and if you lose your way in life, amethyst can help bring you positive energy.

02 – Black Onyx

This is an interesting stone, and many people confuse obsidian with black onyx. Opaque in appearance, this is a good stone to help grieve after the death of a loved one or pet. In a similar way, it can help heal emotional trauma caused by life experiences and help reduce stress levels. If you feel that emotional stress is making you sick, the black onyx stone can help you get back on track with your normal life. It also helps the body by improving your stamina.

01 - Quartz

While we've looked at rose quartz, it's worth talking about quartz. Quartz is also a very powerful healing crystal. Normal quartz is transparent and almost see-through in its appearance. The healing properties of this stone include helping to eliminate mental fatigue, helping to reduce any physical burnout and helping you to focus more on your life.